Ignition Interlock: Providers

NM Department of Transportation, Traffic Safety Division (TSD) is charged with oversight of the Ignition Interlock program and holds authority for ALL licensure and certification approval, program administration, Notice of Rule Violations and adverse actions.  UNM Traffic Safety Center (TSC) oversees the application process, investigate and resolve complaints and monitoring of Service Centers, Installers and Service Technicians to ensure program compliance. 

  • NM law mandates an ignition interlock license and the installation of the device for anyone in the State convicted of a DWI. This includes first-time DWI offenders.
  • Currently there are 8 manufacturers distributing devices in NM; 64 service centers, 119 installers and 44 service technicians and is available in 25 cities and 77 Mobile sites around the state
  • TSD also administers a legislatively mandated ignition interlock indigent fund to provide a subsidy to indigent offenders required to install an interlock device in their vehicles.
  • Ignition Interlock Indigent Fund – $100.00 fee collected from those convicted of DWI. The fee is charged each year that the ignition interlock remains installed. The funds are used to assist those convicted of DWI, and deemed to be indigent, to install, lease, and remove the device.
  • CDWI – $75.00 fee collected upon DWI conviction – Funds returned to communities for DWI enforcement and prevention programs.
  • DWI Prevention & Education – $45.00 ignition interlock license fee from persons receiving an ignition interlock.

It is advised for those that are contemplating applying as a new Manufacturer, Service Center, Installer or Service Technician to read the New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) before committing to a contract.  NM does not charge a fee for licensure or certification, but there is a $15.00 for Department of Public Safety background check.

Applications & Forms:

First time applicants must use the following forms:

Applicants for license or certificate renewal must use the following forms:

Additional Forms:


A list of current providers can be found here:



Click here for NMAC 18.20.11 


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