Driving Safety: Clients & Students


The State of New Mexico recognizes two types of driving safety programs for licensed drivers:

  • 6-hours of Defensive Driving classes


  • 8-hours of Suspended License classes (**This course is required only for students whose driver’s license has been suspended by the Motor Vehicle Division of the Taxation and Revenue Department based on the point system**)

 Regardless of the program you choose, it must be conducted by a certified instructor licensed by the State of New Mexico, Transportation Safety Division. Course instruction is determined by your status with the courts or MVD and your need for taking the course. 


Driving Safety classes may be taken in person or online. Please review court or MVD requirements prior to registering for any course. 

A full list of classroom-based and online courses can be found HERE.

Upon registration, students should receive written information stating all fees, including incidental costs, charges for the course, school policies for passing and failing, refund and reschedule policies, and attendance requirements.

Course Completion

Upon satisfactory completion of a licensed driving safety program, students shall receive an official Bureau-issued certificate of completion from their driver safety instructor. This certificate can then be presented to court/MVD officials in order to show compliance for the driver in question.