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Anyone in the state of New Mexico convicted of a DWI, including first time offenders, must have an ignition interlock license, proof of insurance and an ignition interlock device installed in ANY vehicle they operate. The University of New Mexico (UNM) Traffic Safety Center (TSC) aids in the DWI rehabilitation process by licensing, certifying and monitoring compliance for all ignition interlock manufacturers, service centers, installers, and service technicians.

In New Mexico, any Service Center that installs an ignition interlock device must be licensed by the New Mexico Department of Transportation, Traffic Safety Division (TSD). These approved centers are successfully able to install, calibrate, and remove all devices from your vehicle. They must also comply with all court reporting requirements and mandatory conditions of your sentence.

New Mexico is a dual ruling state, meaning you have to satisfy both the criminal court judgement (conviction) and civil administrative action which is the Motor Vehicle Division’s Implied Consent Act. Either ruling can result in jail time, fines, mandatory DWI educational programs and installation of ignition interlock devices. A DWI conviction may result in a driver’s license suspension from 6 months to two years or more depending on ruling.

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